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June 25, 2020
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Different Garage Flooring Systems Help Solve Different Needs

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Where we currently live, we have both a shop and a large open carport. After our experiences this past winter, we are starting to consider our different garage flooring systems for both buildings. Here is what we have and the problems that they present.

In the shop we have a basic concrete floor. The shop is not very old and the concrete is in good condition. However, when my husband has to work out there for very long, it really makes his feet and knees ache. And, since he is an avid wood worker, he likes to spend a lot of time out in the shop. So, what are some of the garage flooring systems that will work to solve this problem?

The first obvious answer that was suggested was simply some cushiony work mats. The problem with these is that they simply are not big enough, so multiple mats would be needed. Using multiple mats then leads to multiple mat edges that can act as tripping points, so that really was not an option.

Another option is a large mat that rolls out, these come in various sizes, up to 9' wide and 20' long. This would work, but are not as thick and do not offer as much cushioning as we need.

Of all the garage flooring systems available, the one which I really like and that makes the most sense, are garage floor tiles. There are many great brands that offer these tiles, including Gladiator, NewAge VersaTile, Norsk-Stor, and Ulti-Mate. Though they all have reasons why they believe they are the best, the overall idea of these are all the same. They are interlocking square tiles that easily snap together to cover your garage floor. They come in different colors, so you can go solid or create a pattern using two or more different colors. They usually have a pattern on top (coin, diamond, etc.) to give added grip to the surface, and there are special edging pieces to transition to the floor. With the tiles, you can do as large or small of an area as you need. There are even special tiles available that go over drain holes if you have a drain in you garage or shop. Since these are designed specifically for a garage, they can easily support a vehicle. And, with the cushioning that they provide, you will be doing your feet, knees, and back a huge favor!

Now, for the carport, we just have gravel, and it is not even! So water pools in it really bad, forming puddles and ice during the winter. Something different is needed. A concrete slab is the obvious choice, and probably a great starting point. But different garage flooring systems have more to offer. What I like is an epoxy coating with chips. The epoxy adds extra strength to the concrete, plus it looks great.

There are many great garage flooring systems available, so if you need something to improve your garage or shop floor, to make it more usable or just to look better, make sure you consider all the options so that you can pick the one to best suit your needs.


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