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July 18, 2020
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Factors That Greatly Influence The Life Of Your Tires

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Important topic for the car owners will be the life of the tires and when to change the tires. As we know tire has a major part to play in the vehicles performance, these tires are to be taken care regularly to avoid serious damages to cars in braking, acceleration and fuel consumption. The life of a normal tire is found to be 25,000 miles for front tires and 30,000 for the rear tires. This is because that the front tires have to with stand with the action of the steering and also the weight of the engine and other components.

Four main objectives are there to determine the life of your vehicles tire. They are

Pattern of the Thread
Depth of the Tread
Nature of Driving
Road conditions

Pattern of Thread: The pattern of the tread is designed for grip of the tire. It is important for all the tires in the vehicle to have the same thread pattern for good life of the tire. There are four types of thread pattern namely directional, asymmetric, multi directional and cold weather pattern. The tread quality depends on the depth of the thread in the tire

Depth of the Tread: The higher depth of the tread is the good quality of tire. The distance of braking of the car or truck depends on the depth of thread. When ever the tread depth is large then the braking capacity will improve in the wet conditions also. Thread plays 55 % role in the life of the tire.

Nature of Driving: the driving pattern of the driver will also determine the life of tires. The life of tire will be less in the city driving as frequent braking is required. When the braking increases, the tread of the tire will decrease in depth and makes the tire become slippery and easily wears our. When there is a frequent acceleration in low speed will also reduce the life of tire. Many turns and corners are also responsible in tire wear outs.

Road Conditions: Highly damaged road will definitely damage the tire. High bumps not only reduce the performance of the shock absorbers but also the performance of tire. The grips become damaged and the tread is more affected. Sensible driving and good road conditions will improve the life of the tires at any cost. Maintaining the tires with correct pressures will be a safety for tires.


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