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April 7, 2020
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Cars Get Better Every Year

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When cars first hit the road things were much simpler. The roads that the cars drove were rough and the ride inside the car was even rougher. As soon as the first car hit the road, we began to look for way to improve it in every aspect.

Gauges were part of the first cars, though they were much simpler as well. The car gauges evolved over time and have continued to improve with each new car. In fact, there are not as many gauges as they used to be in our cars. Most of them have been replaced by a warning light that alerts a driver to problems as they arise.

Engine computers were a major improvement to our cars that came about because of our desire to reduce emissions without losing power. An engine computer regulates the fuel and air flow so that we get the best compromise between power and efficiency which translates into fewer emissions.

Because the engine computer was such a success, the evolution of it turned into a full power train computer module. The main difference in the two is that the engine computer controls only the things about the engine while the power train module controls other aspects of the power train in addition to the engine

Another area where we have made improvements in our cars is safety. As we have gotten in accidents, we have learned what could make us safer in our cars and have implemented safety measures based on that research. Our safety in cars has continued to improve.

The one area that we have improved that has been the biggest reason for cars becoming more complex is in the area of comfort. Some of the things that we have in our cars as a result of demanding more comfort are air, power locks and windows and many more. While these things have complicated the car, they have also improved the car.

While cars were once a luxury they have become a necessity for most everyone today. This is especially true in farm country where everyday living depends on the use of a vehicle. Because there are far more of us driving cars than did when they first came out, it make complete sense that we have demanded things be more comfortable in a car.

As time marches on, we will likely make more improvements to our cars. Certainly among those improvements will be things that make us safer and more comfortable as well as making the car perform better and more efficiently. If you had a say in the improvements made to a car, what would you suggest?


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